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Default If you like this game, you deserve Gems

If you like this game, tell everybody about it here (or in any other link I'll post further on), and come back posting here and in a pm to admin, to get a small Gem bonus.

You can post in more than one site for a larger Gem bonus (plus, you'd be doing a good thing by spreading the word!)
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You need an account?
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it's a 2 minute registration, but yes.
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I wrote up a short, kind of emotional, review - hope you guys like it. My goal was to make it sound intriguing, rather than describing every feature of the game.

About the registration, it is not even required to verify the email you register, so theoretically you could give a non-existent one.

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speaking of Gems.. I've noticed several of the Gem Hawkers here take your info but we never seem to get credit for the Gems. I've even tried re-doing them and they say I've already done so... but STILL none of the promised Gems.
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