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Default Iron Grip: Marauders

Some of you might've heard of this not-so-little title we're working on called Iron Grip: Marauders. Well...

... The first phase of the closed public beta is live right now!

The development and community team have been working quite some time on this and we're excited to get new players into the experience that is Iron Grip: Marauders. It's an easy process to get into our beta, but I'm going to tell you how in case:

1. Your first step is to sign up and spread the word. We will be adding people in after they register at a fairly consistent rate. Not everyone will make it as there is some luck involved, but we will do our best to make sure everyone is in by the last phase.

2. Secondly, once we add you--be an active member! Not only will you be opened up to our game and its chat client, but there will be special forum sections available for beta users. Submit bugs, ta to your fellow marauders, and explore the game. Active members will be entered in a contest for September and will get special in-game rewards that will remain once our client goes 100% public.

3. Above all, have fun! Betas are about having fun and getting your feet wet in a brand new game. We hope you'll enjoy Iron Grip: Marauders as well as share your first impressions with the team.

Anyway, I hope to see all of you there. If you are a member of the press and/or a blogger in some vein, sign up with your site related email so that we may contact you with special previews and/or guest passes.

Check out the official site @ www.igmarauders.com for more details and a preview video!
- Captain Awesome
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